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There are a lot of advantages that you can get if you learn how to play a musical instrument by taking music lessons. Some of these advantages include improving your memory, boosting your self confidence, and discovering your musical talents. This is the reason why many children and adults are going to music classes. The way to discover your talent is to first choose an instrument that you are interested in or are comfortable in. below are some of the most popular instrument that you can learn to play. Here's a good read about guitar lessons Roseville, check it out!


Before the piano was an instrument for royal and wealthy families of earlier centuries. But, over time, the middle class began to prosper and pianos became available to many households. The inventors of the piano has greatly influenced many musical eras since most of the legendary composers were pianists. They include Bach, Mozart, Chopin, and Igor Stravinsky. Today, there are many children and adults taking piano lessons.


There are many versions of the guitar used in ancient Asian and Indian civilization. Then it spread throughout Europe and different types evolved in the different eras. The 1930s found jazz musicians needing stringed instruments that offered better sound, and this gave way to the creation of electric guitars. Today, there are many musical genres that make use of the guitar including jazz, classical, rock, pop, blue, metal, and R&B. There are many famous guitarists known for their signature sound including Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, and others. To gather more awesome ideas on guitar lessons Granite Bay, click here to get started. 


Ancient civilizations used drums but it was not until the Vaudeville era that drum kits were played by musicians as part of an act. It was during the 1930s that the four piece kit that consisted of a floor tom, tom-tom, snare, and bass drum was introduced. With advancements in technology electronic equipment was included in a drum kit. These electronic devices included sound modules, tempo meters, and small PA systems. If you want to take music lessons in drums you should listen to the works of Gene Krupa, Carl Palmer, Steward Copeland, Max Roach, and Ring Starr, if you want to be inspired.


The violin originated in Italy during the 1500s. Before, the violin wasn't a popular instrument. But composers and musicians such as Claudio Monteverdi, Johann Sebastian Bach, and Antonio Vivaldi start using this instrument, making it popular among the musicians.


If you plan to take music lesions, it is best to choose an instrument you are really interested in. you should also consider buying and maintenance costs when selecting the right instrument. Keep in mind that whatever instrument you choose, you will surely gain a lot by taking music lessons.